Hydraulic emergency services

Gt Service: hydraulics active 24 hours a day

Gt service is a company that is specialized in Hydraulic emergency services in Sardinia, active 24 hours a day. especially on summer time it is extremely important to have efficient and functioning hydraulic systems. It is available to private citizens, companies or tourism businesses that need an hydraulic installation that is able to guarantee the correct functionality of swimming pools or irrigation systems. Often, it happens that a good installation develops problems due to dryness and environmental influences. Our company can count on a team of skilled individuals ready to operate at any time of the day in order to provide hydraulic emergency services. Our operators will arrive as soon as possible, quickly verify the situation and find the best solution to the problem. We mainly operate in Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Porto Rotondo and Porto San Paolo and in the northern part of Sardinia. We know the importance of our service and, for that reason, we do our job with professionalism in order to satisfy clients.

Our services:
hydraulic emergency service: we operate all year round, especially on summer time, to solve any kind of trouble and/or eventual maintenance of your hydraulic installations, both private and public, and both normal pipes and complex systems.

• Electrical emergency service: often hydraulic malfunctions cause troubles to nearby electrical systems. We are available to solve even this type of problems, whether they are connected to an hydraulic installation ( such as air-conditioner), or related to other building areas.

Systems & electrical installations 

in addition to ensuring hydraulic emergency services, our company takes care of the plan and installation of gas pipelines, electrical and hydraulic installations, air-conditioner systems, heater systems, heat pumps and major brands' boilers. Thanks to our operators' professionalism we are a benchmark in this sector's market. Our main goal is to satisfy clients through precise and reliable performances that guarantee efficiency and long-term durability.
over the years, the company has gained and multiplied its operational skills and, it has specialized in multiple energy sources : methane gas, fuel oil, LPG, electricity and solar power. We are constantly updated with new technologies and research improvements in order to offer modern and efficient solutions to clients. For those reasons, technology innovation in the energy sector is extremely important to us and our major purpose. The staff is also updated with technical-commercial issues in order to give piece of advice regarding new materials' use to build systems able to improve communities' well-being and reduce the bills.

hydraulic emergency services

Where we are

Our company's headquarter is located in Via del Melograno, 2/C in Olbia.

To obtain more information, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone

at the +39 349-2587707 or write us at the following email address:

gtserviceolbia@gmail.com Moreover, we invite you to follow us on our Facebook page, we are waiting for you!