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Gt Service is a company specialized in hydraulic installation in Olbia and northern Sardinia by offering personalized and efficient solutions. Over the years, our company has planned and installed electrical and hydraulic installations, gas pipelines, air-conditioner systems, heater systems, heat pumps and different brands' boilers. Thanks to our operators' professionalism and innovative solutions the company has became well-known in a market in which competition is steel. Our main goal is the client's satisfaction, and we pursue it through precise and punctual operations that guarantee long-lasting systems. Over time, the company has gained and multiplied its operational skills and, it has specialized in multiple energy sources : methane gas, fuel oil, LPG, electricity and solar power. We constantly update ourselves on technology improvements that are able to provide the maximum efficiency. for these reasons, technology innovation in the energy sector is at the very heart of the company and it allows us to offer the best materials to build hydraulic installations in Olbia.

In addition to this, our team is updated on specific technical-commercial issues in order to give better piece of advice and well-use new materials to realize systems able to improve people's well-being and reduce coasts. We always offer clients personalized solutions to realize systems throughout traditional or ecological technologies that are environmental-friendly. We are always available to offer consultancy so that the clients can find the perfect solutions. In order to do so, we guarantee estimates and investigations for free.

electrical system

Heat pumps

heat pumps' technology is able to reduce costs of heater, hot water and air-conditioner. An efficient heat pump , in fact, is able to guarantee energy saving to both private citizens, and companies or tourist businesses.

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Installation and solar power 

a thermal solar system produces hot water by using the sun radiations. In fact, solar panels transform energy sun into thermal energy, such as heat, that results in an excellent heater for the environment and in hot sanitary water. Each installation consists of one or more solar panels, in whose coils, flows a fluid made by water and glycole, that is also heated by the sun and a storage tank. The fluid transfers the sun heat to the water, then, it will be distributed for domestic services such as kitchens and bathrooms. In this ways, hot water demand is satisfied thanks to a biomass boiler. Moreover, solar panels are not only useful for water : they create energy that may be used to heat areas through radiant heater systems, floor or wall mounted, by connecting a heat pump to the thermal solar installation. With the help of these solutions, hot water and heat are guaranteed, plus there is a benefit regarding gas bill savings and environment benefits. Furthermore, the state provides an economic incentive to heat pumps and thermal solar systems. In fact, it is possible to be eligible for tax reduction up to 55% of the incurred expenses, thus this installation will be and advantageous one.

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Our company's headquarter is located in Via del Melograno, 2/C, in Olbia.

To obtain more information, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone at the +39 349-2587707 or write us at the following email address: gtserviceolbia@gmail.com.

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