Hydraulic Emergency Service

Gt service: operative hydraulics

Gt Serviceis a company specialize om the hydraulic emergency service in Olbia and norther part of Sardinia, it is active all year around, 24 hours a day.

It is extremely important for citizens to have an efficient hydraulic system, especially during hot summer months and it is essential for companies and tourist businesses to have an hydraulic system that is able to guarantee functioning swimming pools and irrigation systems. Often, it happens that even a good installation cause troubles due to dryness or climate and environmental changes. These problems may have negative repercussions on hotel or residences. In all these situations, Gt Service's staff will solve the problem! The firm is ready to made available its team of skilled technicians. Once the request has been sent, our operators will reach you, at any time of the day, and provide services of hydraulic emergency. Thanks to preparations, experience and training courses, our employees will reach you as soon as possible to verify the situation and offer personalized solutions.

We mainly operate in Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Porto Rotondo and Porto San Paolo and northern part of Sardinia. We are perfectly aware of the importance of our service, thus we do our job with passion and professionalism in order to reach the maximum satisfaction by the client. The sole purpose is clients' satisfaction and we dispose our competence to solve any type of problem. We are always available to offer consultancy and help the client to make his/her hydraulic system a better one.

hydraulic emergency service

Our hydraulic emergency service
we operate all year round, especially during summer season, to solve any type of trouble and/or maintenance of your hydraulic systems, both private or public, and both normal pipes or complex systems. Remember, prevention is better than cure. For this reason, we perform an excellent hydraulic systems' maintenance service.

Where we are

our company's headquarter is located in Via del Melograno, 2/C in Olbia. To obtain more information, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone at the +39 349-2587707, or write us at the following email address: gtserviceolbia@gmail.com. Moreover, we invite you ti follow us on our Facebook page, we are waiting for you!